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TaxFormFinder - Arizona Arizona State Income Tax Forms 2015

TaxFormFINDER has downloadable / printable PDF copies of 4 current Arizona state income tax forms. The current tax year is 2015, but keep in mind that updated Arizona tax forms are usually released between January and April for the previous calendar year. Click on any form to download or print. If all of the the most current tax forms for Arizona are not listed here, please let us know.

Arizona Tax Form Mailing Addresses

Arizona Form 140

Printable 140 tax return form for Arizona residents. All Arizona taxpayers must file a Form 140 with the Arizona Department of Revenue.

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Arizona Form 140 Instructions

Packet of instructions for filling out your Arizona Form 140 tax return.

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Arizona Income Tax

The instructions for filing form 140ES, the income tax form for estimated income tax, which self employed persons need to file.

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Arizona Form 140ES

Individuals who do not pay income taxes through automatic withholding may be required to pay their Arizona Income Tax quarterly using Form 140ES (Income Tax Estimate).

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Arizona Tax Form Mailing Addresses

Arizona has multiple mailing addresses for different tax forms and other forms of correspondence. Make sure you send your completed tax forms to the correct address - some forms may have a different mailing address specified in the form instructions.

Here are 3 of the most important Arizona Department of Revenue mailing addresses for tax returns and general correspondence:

General Address
Arizona Department of Revenue
1600 W. Monroe
Phoenix , Arizona 85007-2650
Income Tax Returns (No Tax or Refund Owed)
P.O. Box 52138
Phoenix, Arizona 85072-2138

If your return has a barcode: PO Box 29205
Phoenix, AZ 85038-9205
Income Tax Returns (With Payment)
Box 52016
Phoenix, Arizona 85072-2016

If your return has a barcode: PO Box 29204
Phoenix , AZ 85038-9204