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Illinois Free Printable 2019 Form IL-1040, Individual Income Tax Return for 2021 Illinois Individual Income Tax Return

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Individual Income Tax Return
2019 Form IL-1040, Individual Income Tax Return

Use your mouse or Tab key to move through the fields. Use your mouse or space bar to enable check boxes. Illinois Department of Revenue 2019 Form IL-1040 *60012191W* Individual Income Tax Return or for fiscal year ending Over 80% of taxpayers file electronically. It is easy and you will get your refund faster. Visit tax.illinois.gov. / Step 1: Personal Information A Enter personal information and Social Security numbers. You must provide the entire Social Security number for you and your spouse. Do not provide a partial Social Security number. Your first name and initial - - - - Your Social Security number Spouse’s last name Spouse’s year of birth Spouse’s Social Security number Mailing address (See instructions if foreign address) Apartment number County (Illinois only) City State ZIP or Postal Code Spouse’s first name and initial Year of birth Your last name Foreign Nation, if not United States (do not abbreviate) B Filing status: Single Married filing jointly Married filing separately Widowed Head of household C Check If someone can claim you, or your spouse if filing jointly, as a dependent. See instructions. You Spouse D Check the box if this applies to you during 2019: Nonresident - Attach Sch. NR Part-year resident - Attach Sch. NR Staple W-2 and 1099 forms here (Whole dollars only) Step 2: Income 1 Federal adjusted gross income from your federal Form 1040 or 1040-SR, Line 8b. 1 .00 2 Federally tax-exempt interest and dividend income from your federal Form 1040 or 1040-SR, Line 2a. 2 .00 3 Other additions. Attach Schedule M. 3 .00 4 Total income. Add Lines 1 through 3. 4 .00 Step 3: Base Income 5 Social Security benefits and certain retirement plan income received if included in Line 1. Attach Page 1 of federal return. 5 .00 6 Illinois Income Tax overpayment included in federal Form 1040 or 1040-SR, Schedule 1, Ln. 1. 6 .00 7 Other subtractions. Attach Schedule M. 7 .00 Check if Line 7 includes any amount from Schedule 1299-C. 8 Add Lines 5, 6, and 7. This is the total of your subtractions. 8 .00 9 Illinois base income. Subtract Line 8 from Line 4. 9 .00 Step 4: Exemptions 10 a Enter the exemption amount for yourself and your spouse. See instructions. a .00 b C heck if 65 or older: You + Spouse # of checkboxes x $1,000 = b .00 c Check if legally blind: You + Spouse # of checkboxes x $1,000 = c .00 d If you are claiming dependents, enter the amount from Schedule IL-E/EIC, Step 2, Line 1. Attach Schedule IL-E/EIC. d .00 Exemption allowance. Add Lines a through d. 10 .00 Step 5: Net Income and Tax 11 Residents: Net income. Subtract Line 10 from Line 9. Staple your check and IL-1040-V 12 13 14 Nonresidents and part-year residents: Enter the Illinois net income from Schedule NR. Attach Schedule NR. 11 Residents: Multiply Line 11 by 4.95% (.0495). Cannot be less than zero. Nonresidents and part-year residents: Enter the tax from Schedule NR. 12 Recapture of investment tax credits. Attach Schedule 4255. ` 13 Income tax. Add Lines 12 and 13. Cannot be less than zero. 14 Step 6: Tax After Nonrefundable Credits 15 Income tax paid to another state while an Illinois resident. Attach Schedule CR. 15 .00 16 Property tax and K-12 education expense credit amount from Schedule ICR. Attach Schedule ICR. 16 .00 17 Credit amount from Schedule 1299-C. Attach Schedule 1299-C. 17 .00 18 Add Lines 15, 16, and 17. This is the total of your credits. Cannot exceed the tax amount on Line 14. 18 19 Tax after nonrefundable credits. Subtract Line 18 from Line 14. 19 Step 7: Other Taxes 20 Household employment tax. See instructions. 20 21 Use tax on internet, mail order, or other out-of-state purchases from UT Worksheet or UT Table in the instructions. Do not leave blank. 21 22 Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program Act and sale of assets by gaming licensee surcharges. 22 23 Total Tax. Add Lines 19, 20, 21, and 22. 23 IL-1040 Front (R-12/19) Printed by authority of the State of Illinois - web only, 1. This form is authorized as outlined under the Illinois Income Tax Act. Disclosure of this information is required. Failure to provide information could result in a penalty. .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 *60012192W* 24 Total tax from Page 1, Line 23. 24 Step 8: Payments and Refundable Credit .00 25 Illinois Income Tax withheld. Attach Schedule IL-WIT. 25 .00 26 Estimated payments from Forms IL-1040-ES and IL-505-I, including any overpayment applied from a prior year return. 26 .00 27 Pass-through withholding. Attach Schedule K-1-P or K-1-T. 27 .00 28 Earned Income Credit from Schedule IL-E/EIC, Step 4, Line 8. Attach Schedule IL-E/EIC. 28 .00 29 Total payments and refundable credit. Add Lines 25 through 28. 29 .00 Step 9: Total 30 If Line 29 is greater than Line 24, subtract Line 24 from Line 29. 30 .00 31 If Line 24 is greater than Line 29, subtract Line 29 from Line 24. 31 .00 Step 10: Underpayment of Estimated Tax Penalty and Donations - Only complete Step 10 for late-payment penalty for underpayment of estimated tax or to make a voluntary charitable donation. 32 Late-payment penalty for underpayment of estimated tax. 32 .00 a Check if at least two-thirds of your federal gross income is from farming. b Check if you or your spouse are 65 or older and permanently living in a nursing home. c Check if your income was not received evenly during the year and you annualized your income on Form IL-2210. Attach Form IL-2210. d Check if you were not required to file an Illinois Individual Income Tax return in the previous tax year. 33 Voluntary charitable donations. Attach Schedule G. 33 .00 34 Total penalty and donations. Add Lines 32 and 33. 34 .00 Step 11: Refund 35 If you have an amount on Line 30 and this amount is greater than Line 34, subtract Line 34 from Line 30. This is your overpayment. 35 .00 36 Amount from Line 35 you want refunded to you. Check one box on Line 37. See instructions. 36 .00 37 I choose to receive my refund by a direct deposit - Complete the information below if you check this box. Routing number Account number Checking or Savings b Illinois Individual Income Tax refund debit card. I acknowledge I have reviewed the card information found at http://tax.illinois.gov/DebitCard prior to making this election. c paper check. 38 Amount to be credited forward. Subtract Line 36 from Line 35. See instructions. 38 .00 Step 12: Amount You Owe 39 If you have an amount on Line 31, add Lines 31 and 34. - or - If you have an amount on Line 30 and this amount is less than Line 34, subtract Line 30 from Line 34. This is the amount you owe. See instructions. 39 .00 Step 13: If this is a joint return, both you and your spouse must sign below. Under penalties of perjury, I state that I have examined this return and, to the best of my knowledge, it is true, correct, and complete. Sign Here Paid Preparer Use Only Third Party Designee ( Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Spouse’s signature Your signature Print/Type paid preparer’s name Paid preparer’s signature Daytime phone number Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Check if self-employed Paid Preparer’s PTIN Firm’s name Firm’s FEIN Firm’s address Firm’s phone ( ( ) Check if the Department may discuss this return with the third party designee shown in this step. ) Designee’s phone number Designee’s name (please print) ) Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Refer to the 2019 IL-1040 Instructions for the address to mail your return. . IL-1040 Back (R-12/19) DR AP Reset RR Print DC IR ID
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More about the Illinois Form IL-1040 Individual Income Tax Tax Return

Form IL-1040 is the standard Illinois income tax return for all permanent residents of Illinois.

We last updated the Individual Income Tax Return in February 2020, and the latest form we have available is for tax year 2019. This means that we don't yet have the updated form for the current tax year. Please check this page regularly, as we will post the updated form as soon as it is released by the Illinois Department of Revenue. You can print other Illinois tax forms here.

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Illinois usually releases forms for the current tax year between January and April. We last updated Illinois Form IL-1040 from the Department of Revenue in February 2020.

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Form IL-1040 is an Illinois Individual Income Tax form. Like the Federal Form 1040, states each provide a core tax return form on which most high-level income and tax calculations are performed. While some taxpayers with simple returns can complete their entire tax return on this single form, in most cases various other additional schedules and forms must be completed, depending on the taxpayer's individual situation, to create a complete income tax return package.

About the Individual Income Tax

The IRS and most states collect a personal income tax, which is paid throughout the year via tax withholding or estimated income tax payments.

Most taxpayers are required to file a yearly income tax return in April to both the Internal Revenue Service and their state's revenue department, which will result in either a tax refund of excess withheld income or a tax payment if the withholding does not cover the taxpayer's entire liability. Every taxpayer's situation is different - please consult a CPA or licensed tax preparer to ensure that you are filing the correct tax forms!

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