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Tennessee Free Printable Application for Registration for 2024 Tennessee Application for Franchise, Excise Tax Registration

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Application for Franchise, Excise Tax Registration
Application for Registration

TENNESSEE DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE RV-F1300501(10/20) Application for Registration Answer all questions completely. Incomplete and unsigned applications will delay processing. 1. Legal Name of Applicant 2. DBA Name (If different from above) 3. Business Location Address (Physical address only; no P.O. Box) City State Zip Code 4. Mailing Address City State Zip Code 5. Legal Address (Physical address where business records are kept; no P.O. Box State Zip Code 6. Business Telephone Number Business Fax Number Business Email Address 7. Contact Name Contact Telephone Number Contact Email Address 8. Start Date in Tennessee City 10. 9. Fiscal Year End Date FEIN or SSN 11. Type of Ownership Sole Proprietorship Partnership (choose type below) Corporation (choose type below) Marital Joint Ownership General Partnership Tennessee Domestic Corporation Estate/Trust Limited Partnership Foreign Corporation Government Entity Limited Liability Partnership S Corporation Real Estate Investment Trust Limited Liability Company (choose type below) Multi-Member LLC Single Member LLC Professional LLC 12. Tennessee Secretary of State Control Number Primary State of Charter/Registration 13. Taxes to Register for on this Application: Sales and Use Tax Franchise and Excise Business Classification County City Out-of-State Auto Rental Surcharge Bail Bonds Beer Barrelage* Bottlers Brand Registration Coal Severance Crude Oil/Natural Gas Severance Fantasy Sports Utilities - Gas, Water, Electric Power, and Light Liquor by the Drink* Litigation Mineral Severance Mixing Bar Petroleum* Tire Fee Tobacco* Used Oil Fee Wholesale Beer* Wholesale Alcoholic Beverage* Wine Direct Shipper Winery Note: Electronic filing and payment of taxes is required for sales and use tax, franchise and excise tax, tobacco tax, liquor-by-thedrink tax, and business tax. Please visit www.tn.gov/revenue for more information. *Requires Bond Application is continued on the next page. 14. Please complete this Section if Registering for Sales Tax Will your gross sales exceed $4,800 per year? Yes No Will your taxable services exceed $1,200 per year? Yes No Note: If both of the above are “no,” you do not need a sales tax number. You must make your resale purchases from Tennessee suppliers and pay the Tennessee sales tax to the suppliers at time of purchase. 15. Franchise and Excise Classification Information. (check the box below if applicable) Disregarded Entity Non-Depository Financial Institution Investment Company (Tenn. Code Ann. § 56-4-301-309) Regulated Investment Company (IRC 851) Cemetery Financial Institution Production Credit Association (Tenn. Code Ann. § 56-4-401-406) 16. Series LLC Entity Information (complete if applicable) FEIN for Master LLC: Entity Name for Master LLC: Location Address for Master LLC: Telephone Number for Master LLC: State of Domestic Certificate of Authority for master LLC: 17. Nature of Business Wholesale Manufacturing Retail Both Wholesale/Retail Marketplace Facilitator Service Contractor Other Short-term Rental Marketplace 18. Business Activity 19. NAICS Code (if known) 20. Identify Owners, Officers, Members, or Partners (Attach additional names on separate sheet. Legal Name Legal Name Title Title FEIN or SSN FEIN or SSN Address Address City State Zip Code City Telephone Number Telephone Number Email Address Email Address 21. The statements made on this application are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. This application must be signed by an owner, officer, member or partner of the entity listed above. Do not print or use a stamp. Signature: Owner, Officer, Member, or Partner Date: State See instructions.) Zip Code Department Use Only INSTRUCTIONS: Application for Registration General Information The Application for Registration is used to apply for tax registration for the major taxes applicable to businesses and administered by the Tennessee Department of Revenue. It also is used to register as a wine direct shipper. This application does not register taxpayers for all taxes, fees, or permits. Additional information may be required. Realty transfer tax and mortgage tax are administered by the county clerk’s office. Contact your local official in your area for registration information. Registration for business tax using this application will not be complete until you have paid the business license fee and obtained your business license from the appropriate county clerk and, if applicable, city business tax official. You must submit a fully completed the application in a timely manner to ensure that you are properly registered for all taxes administered by the Department of Revenue that are applicable to your business. For information on how to register a business online, you may visit the Department’s website at www.tn.gov/revenue and click on E-file and Pay. Alternatively, this application can be mailed or delivered to any Taxpayer Services Division office. You must complete one application for each business location that you own. Except for business tax, you will receive the appropriate certificate of registration, license, or permit for each location within a few days after the completion and return of this form. The certificate, license, or permit must be publicly displayed at the location for which it is issued. As previously stated, the business tax license must be obtained from the county clerk or city official. It is important that you notify the Department if: • The business ownership changes in any manner including: o selling or closing of the business, o adding or changing partners, o any transfer or change in the ownership of the business, o any change in corporate structure requiring a new charter or certificate of authority; or • The business location changes. Tax-exempt entities eligible for sales and use tax exemption under Tenn. Code Ann. § 67-6-322 wishing to register for a nonprofit sales and use tax exemption certificate should use the Application for Exempt Organizations or Institutions. This application can be found on the Department’s website at www.tn.gov/revenue. Instructions 1) Enter the legal name of the applicant. 2) Enter the DBA (doing business as) name of the applicant, if different from the legal name. 3) Enter the applicant’s physical business location address. Do not enter a post office Box. 4) Enter the applicant’s mailing address. This address can be a post office Box. 5) Enter the applicant’s legal address. This should be the physical address where the business records are located. Do not enter a post office Box. 6) Enter the applicant’s business telephone number, business fax number, and business email address. 7) Enter a contact person’s name, telephone number, and email address. 8) Enter the applicant’s business start date in Tennessee. 9) Enter the applicant’s fiscal year end date. 10) Enter the applicant’s Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or Social Security Number (SSN). 11) Select the type of ownership. a. If this is a partnership, choose the type of partnership. b. If this is a limited liability company, choose all that apply. c. If this is a corporation, choose all that apply. 12) Enter the applicant’s Tennessee Secretary of State Control number, if applicable, and the primary state of charter or registration. 13) Select all taxes for which the applicant is registering. If registering for business tax, enter the business tax classification and the name of the county and city, if applicable, in which you are doing business. 14) If registering for sales and use tax, complete this section. 15) If registering for franchise and excise tax, check the box of any type that applies. Skip this section if none of the options are applicable. 16) If registering as a series LLC, provide the FEIN, entity name, location address, telephone number, and state of domestic certificate of authority for the master LLC. 17) Indicate the nature of the applicant’s business. 18) Provide a detailed description of the principal business activity at this location, including the major products and/or services sold. 19) Enter the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for the primary business activity, if known. 20) Identify all owners, officers, members, or partners of the business. Enter the social security number, address, telephone number, and email address for each one listed. If the owner is another business, enter the business FEIN. You may attach a separate sheet for additional owners, officers, members, and partners. 21) The application must be signed by an owner, officer, member, or partner of the organization. Do not print or use a signature stamp. Applications signed by an accountant, bookkeeper, or agent for the business and unsigned applications will be returned unprocessed.
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You can use the online tax registration application to register a business, add a new location to an existing business, change your business address or close a business account.

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