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Ohio Free Printable  for 2024 Ohio Application for Certificate of Registration for Out-of-State Sellers

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Application for Certificate of Registration for Out-of-State Sellers
Form UT 1000

Print Clear Form UT 1000 Rev. 11/23 Out-of-State Sellers and/or Marketplace Facilitator Registration 07100100 P.O. Box 182215 Columbus, OH 43218-2215 (888) 405-4089 Account no. (For department use only) 1. Federal Employer Identification Number 2. Check type of ownership: Single member LLC Social Security Number / ITIN Sole owner Partnership Other (please specify) Corporation Secretary of State Entity Number Nonprofit LLC LLP LTD 3. When did you or will you begin providing taxable sales in the state of Ohio? (MM/DD/YY) 4. Is this license for a marketplace facilitator as defined in Ohio Revised Code 5741.01(T)? Yes No *A marketplace facilitator is an entity or person that owns, operates, or controls a physical or electronic marketplace through which retail sales are facilitated on behalf of one or more sellers, or an affiliate of such entity or person. (For the most current listings, search NAICS on our Web site at tax.ohio.gov.) 5. Provide NAICS code and state nature of business activity 6. Legal name (Corporation, sole owner, partnership, etc.) 7. Trade name or DBA 8. Primary address Address of corporation, sole owner, partnership, etc. Business phone number 9. Mailing address City State Fax number (If different from above) ZIP code Secondary phone number City State ZIP code 10. If you operate as a corporation, LLC, or partnership, list appropriate names, addresses and identification numbers below. Title Name Street City State ZIP code SSN / ITIN / FEIN Title Name Street City State ZIP code SSN / ITIN / FEIN 11. Name, phone number, fax number and e-mail address of individual the department should contact regarding this account. Name Phone number Fax number E-mail address I hereby declare that this form has been examined by me and to the best of my knowledge and belief is true, correct, and complete. Date Signature of applicant Mail to the address above. Federal Privacy Act Notice Because we require you to provide us with a Social Security number, the Federal Privacy Act of 1974 requires us to inform you that providing us with your Social Security number is mandatory. Ohio Revised Code sections 5703.05, 5703.057 and 5747.08 authorize us to request this information. We need your Social Security number in order to administer this tax.
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More about the Ohio Form UT 1000 Sales Tax Nonresident TY 2023

For your convenience the Ohio Department of Taxation will register your business by telephone. Call 1-888-405-4089 and press #1 after the message.

We last updated the Application for Certificate of Registration for Out-of-State Sellers in February 2024, so this is the latest version of Form UT 1000, fully updated for tax year 2023. You can download or print current or past-year PDFs of Form UT 1000 directly from TaxFormFinder. You can print other Ohio tax forms here.

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Ohio usually releases forms for the current tax year between January and April. We last updated Ohio Form UT 1000 from the Department of Taxation in February 2024.

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Form UT 1000 is an Ohio Sales Tax form. Many states have separate versions of their tax returns for nonresidents or part-year residents - that is, people who earn taxable income in that state live in a different state, or who live in the state for only a portion of the year. These nonresident returns allow taxpayers to specify which which income is subject to the state's taxes, and which is not.

About the Sales Tax

Sales taxes are applied to the transfer of goods (and sometimes services) to the end consumer in most of the fifty states, and are collected by the vendor from their customers and remitted to the state taxation department on a regular basis. Therefore, most sales tax related tax forms are applicable to businesses, and not private individuals.

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