North Carolina Free Printable  for 2017 North Carolina Individual Income Tax Return (You must attach Form D-400 Schedule S and Form D-400TC if required. For more information, see tax form instructions.) -

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Individual Income Tax Return (You must attach Form D-400 Schedule S and Form D-400TC if required. For more information, see tax form instructions.) -
Form D-400

D-400 Individual Income Tax Return 2016 Staple All Pages of Your Return Here. Web-Fill 8-16 CLEAR AMENDED RETURN and ending (MM-DD-YY) Your Social Security Number ✖ PRINT Fill in circle. (See instructions.) IMPORTANT: Do not send a photocopy of this form. For calendar year 2016, or fiscal year beginning 4 (MM-DD-YY) Spouse’s Social Security Number You must enter your social security number(s). Your First Name (USE CAPITAL LETTERS FOR YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS) M.I. Your Last Name If a Joint Return, Spouse’s First Name M.I. Spouse’s Last Name Mailing Address Apartment Number City State Zip Code Country (If not U.S.) County (Enter first five letters) N.C. Education Endowment Fund: You may contribute to the N.C. Education Endowment Fund by making a contribution or designating some or all of your overpayment to the Fund. To make a contribution, enclose Form NC-EDU and your payment of $ . To designate your overpayment to the Fund, enter the amount of your designation on Page 2, Line 31. See instructions for information about the Fund. Fill in circle if you or, if married filing jointly, your spouse were out of the country on April 15 and a U.S. citizen or resident. Enter date of death of deceased taxpayer or deceased spouse. Deceased Taxpayer Information Fill in circle if return is filed and signed by Executor, Administrator or Court-Appointed Personal Representative. Residency Status Taxpayer Were you a resident of N.C. for the entire year of 2016? Was your spouse a resident for the entire year? Did you claim the standard deduction on your 2016 federal return? Filing Status Veteran Information 1. Are you a veteran? Is your spouse a veteran? 3. 4. Fill in one circle only. (See instructions.) Single Married Filing Jointly (Enter your spouse’s Name full name and Social Married Filing Separately Security Number.) SSN Head of Household 5. Qualifying Widow(er) with Dependent Child 2. (Year spouse died: (MM-DD-YY) Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No ) 6. Adjusted gross income from your federal return (If negative, see instructions.) 6. 7. Additions to federal adjusted gross income (From Line 6 of Form D-400 Schedule S, Part A) 7. 8. Add Lines 6 and 7. 8. 9. Deductions from federal adjusted gross income (From Line 14 of Form D-400 Schedule S, Part B) 9. 10. Subtract Line 9 from Line 8. Staple W-2s Here. Spouse (MM-DD-YY) 11. N.C. standard deduction 10. OR N.C. itemized deductions Fill in one circle only. (If itemizing, complete Part C of Form D-400 Schedule S, and enter the amount from Line 23.) 11. 12. Subtract Line 11 from Line 10. 12. 13. Part-year residents and nonresidents (From Line 26 of Form D-400 Schedule S, Part D) 14. North Carolina Taxable Income Full-year residents enter the amount from Line 12. Part-year residents and nonresidents multiply amount on Line 12 by the decimal amount on Line 13. 15. North Carolina Income Tax To calculate your tax, multiply Line 14 by 5.75% (0.0575). If Line 14 is negative, enter -0- on Line 15. 13. 14. 15. If No, complete Lines 1 through 12. Then go to Part D of Schedule S. Fill in residency information and complete Lines 24 through 26. (See Instructions.) Enter Whole U.S. Dollars Only Page 2 Last Name (First 10 Characters) Tax Year Your Social Security Number 2016 D-400 Web-Fill 8-16 Be sure to sign and date your return below. 16. Tax Credits (From Form D-400TC, Part 3, Line 20 - You must attach Form D-400TC if you enter an amount on this line.) 16. 17. Subtract Line 16 from Line 15. 17. If you certify that no Consumer Use Tax is due, fill in circle. 18. Consumer Use Tax (See instructions.) 18. 19. 19. Add Lines 17 and 18. 20. North Carolina Income Tax Withheld a. Your tax withheld b. Spouse’s tax withheld 21. Other Tax Payments a. 2016 estimated tax b. Paid with extension c. Partnership d. S Corporation If you claim a partnership payment on Line 21c or S corporation payment on Line 21d, you must attach a copy of the NC K-1. 22. Amended Returns Only - Previous payments (See Amended Returns in instructions.) 22. 23. Total Payments - Add Lines 20a through 22. 23. 24. Amended Returns Only - Previous refunds (See Amended Returns in instructions.) 24. 25. Subtract Line 24 from Line 23. 25. 26. a. Tax Due - If Line 19 is more than Line 25, subtract Line 25 from Line 19. (If Line 25 is negative, see instructions.) b. Penalties c. Interest 26a. (Add Lines 26b and 26c and enter the total on Line 26d.) e. Interest on the underpayment of estimated income tax (See instructions and enter letter in box, if applicable.) 27. Add Lines 26a, 26d, and 26e. Pay This Amount - You can pay online. See instructions. 26d. 26e. Exception to underpayment of estimated tax 27. $ 28. 30. Contribution to the N.C. Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund 30. 31. Contribution of overpayment to the N.C. Education Endowment Fund 31. 32. Add Lines 29, 30, and 31. 32. 33. Subtract Line 32 from Line 28. This is the Amount To Be Refunded. For direct deposit, file electronically. 33. Sign Here 28. Overpayment - If Line 19 is less than Line 25, subtract Line 19 from Line 25. When filing an amended return, see instructions. 29. Amount of Line 28 to be applied to 2017 Estimated Income Tax 29. I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, this return is accurate and complete. If prepared by a person other than taxpayer, this certification is based on all information of which the preparer has any knowledge. Your Signature Date Paid Preparer’s Signature Spouse’s Signature (If filing joint return, both must sign.) Date Preparer’s FEIN, SSN, or PTIN Home Telephone Number (Include area code.) If REFUND mail return to: N.C. DEPT. OF REVENUE P.O. BOX R RALEIGH, NC 27634-0001 Date Preparer’s Telephone Number (Include area code.) FOR ORIGINAL RETURNS ONLY If you ARE NOT due a refund, mail return, any payment, and D-400V to: N.C. DEPT. OF REVENUE P.O. BOX 25000 RALEIGH, NC 27640-0640
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More about the North Carolina Form D-400 Individual Income Tax Tax Return TY 2016

Form D-400 is the general income tax return for North Carolina residents. D-400 can be eFiled, or a paper copy can be filed via mail.

We last updated the Individual Income Tax Return (You must attach Form D-400 Schedule S and Form D-400TC if required. For more information, see tax form instructions.) - in January 2017, so this is the latest version of Form D-400, fully updated for tax year 2016. You can download or print current or past-year PDFs of Form D-400 directly from TaxFormFinder. You can print other North Carolina tax forms here.

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North Carolina usually releases forms for the current tax year between January and April. We last updated North Carolina Form D-400 from the Department of Revenue in January 2017.

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Form D-400 is a North Carolina Individual Income Tax form. Like the Federal Form 1040, states each provide a core tax return form on which most high-level income and tax calculations are performed. While some taxpayers with simple returns can complete their entire tax return on this single form, in most cases various other additional schedules and forms must be completed, depending on the taxpayer's individual situation, to create a complete income tax return package.

About the Individual Income Tax

The IRS and most states collect a personal income tax, which is paid throughout the year via tax withholding or estimated income tax payments.

Most taxpayers are required to file a yearly income tax return in April to both the Internal Revenue Service and their state's revenue department, which will result in either a tax refund of excess withheld income or a tax payment if the withholding does not cover the taxpayer's entire liability. Every taxpayer's situation is different - please consult a CPA or licensed tax preparer to ensure that you are filing the correct tax forms!

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