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Nebraska Free Printable  for 2024 Nebraska Nebraska Income Tax Withholding Return

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Nebraska Income Tax Withholding Return
Form 941N

RESET PRINT Nebraska Income Tax Withholding Return FORM 941N • Read instructions on reverse side. • Please use e-file and pay electronically at revenue.nebraska.gov. Please Do Not Write In This Space Nebraska ID Number Reporting Period Due Date Name and Location Address Name and Mailing Address If you are not licensed to report Nebraska income tax withholding, or are changing name and/or address information, see instructions. Check this box if you no longer make payments subject to income tax withholding in Nebraska. 1 Wages, tips, other compensation, gambling winnings, pensions and annuities, nonresident personal services, and construction services subject to Nebraska income tax withholding......... 1      00 2 Nebraska income tax withheld for the reporting period identified above............................... 2 3 Adjustments of income tax withheld for preceding quarters of calendar year. Show a reduction of liability in brackets. Do not adjust for any previous year or report deposits on this line... 3 4 Adjusted total (line 2 plus line 3) .................................................................................................. 4 5 Nebraska incentive compensation credits (see instructions – if none, enter -0-).......................... 5 6 Subtotal (line 4 minus line 5)......................................................................................................... 6 7 First monthly deposit....................................................................... 7 8 Second monthly deposit.................................................................. 8 9 Total tax due (line 6 minus lines 7 and 8)..................................................................................... 9 10 Penalty (see instructions).............................................................................................................. 10 11 Interest ( % per year of line 9 amount if paid after due date)........................................... 11 12 Previous balance with payments received through 12 Check this box if your payment is being made electronically. 13 Balance Due (total of lines 9 through 12). Pay in full with return................................................. 13 sign here Under penalties of perjury, I declare that, as taxpayer or preparer, I have examined this return and, to the best of my knowledge and belief, it is true, correct, and complete. Authorized Signature Title Date (    ) Daytime Phone Email Address Signature of Preparer Other than Taxpayer Date (    ) Address Daytime Phone Preparer’s PTIN If required, payment must be made electronically and this form must be e-filed. DOR encourages you to use our safe and secure electronic payment options. Please visit revenue.nebraska.gov for information regarding paying online. Mail this form and payment to: Nebraska Department of Revenue, PO Box 98915, Lincoln, NE 68509-8915 8-009-1967 Rev. 11-2021 Retain a copy for your records. revenue.nebraska.gov, 800-742-7474 (NE and IA), 402-471-5729 Supersedes 8-009-1967 Rev. 11-2020 Instructions Who Must File. A taxpayer must file a Form 941N if: 1. You have an office or conduct business in Nebraska, and pay wages, gambling winnings; or 2. You make payments to nonresidents performing personal services in Nebraska; or 3. You have an office or conduct business in Nebraska and pay pensions or annuities to Nebraska residents who request that you withhold Nebraska income tax from those payments; or 4. You are required to withhold Nebraska income tax from construction contractors. Prior to filing any deposits or returns: 1. You must apply for a Nebraska income tax withholding number on a Nebraska Tax Application, Form 20; so that 2. An income tax withholding certificate will be issued by the Nebraska Department of Revenue (DOR); and 3. A Form 941N must be e-filed or mailed to DOR. DOR will not mail the Form 941N to anyone required to pay and file electronically or to anyone who has e-filed Form 941N for a prior quarter. If you have questions about electronic filing or payment options, visit revenue.nebraska.gov. Even if you temporarily do not have payments or income tax withholding to report, Form 941N must be filed for each reporting period. See the Nebraska Circular EN for more information. Cancelling an Account. If you are no longer making payments subject to Nebraska income tax withholding, check the box immediately below your name and location address. A final Nebraska Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld, Form W‑3N, will be mailed to you. The Form W‑3N must be filed even if you did not make any payments subject to Nebraska income tax withholding. Annual Filers. If the Nebraska income tax you withhold is less than $500 a year, you may be licensed to file on an annual basis. Annual filers may e-file or file the preidentified paper Form 941N. Only lines 1 and 2 must be completed. Filing and Payment Information. Start with the first calendar quarter or year in which you are required to withhold state income tax. Quarterly returns are due the last day of the month following the close of the quarter. If DOR has assigned you an annual filing status, your return is due by January 31 of the following year. A Form 941N is required even if no payments were made that were subject to income tax withholding. Paper filers should mail this return with payment to the Nebraska Department of Revenue, PO Box 98915, Lincoln, Nebraska 68509‑8915. All taxpayers are encouraged to pay and file electronically the Nebraska income tax they have withheld. See revenue.nebraska.gov for these options. Checks written to DOR may be presented for payment electronically. Taxpayers may be mandated to pay and file returns electronically. You will be notified in writing if this requirement applies to you. Preidentified Return. This return is to be used only by the employer or payor whose name is printed on it. If you have not received a return for the tax period, and will be filing a paper return, visit DOR’s website to print a Form 941N. Complete the ID number, tax period, name, and address information. DOR will not mail Form 941N to anyone required to pay and file returns electronically, or to anyone who has e-filed Form 941N for a prior quarter. Paper filers, review line 12 to determine if a previous balance or credit exists when filing a paper return. When e-filing, check line 6 to determine if a previous balance or credit exists. Name and/or Address Changes. If the business name, location, or mailing address is not correct, strike through the incorrect information and plainly print the correct information. If you e-file, mailing name and address changes can be made during e-filing. Location name and address changes must be made by completing a Nebraska Change Request, Form 22. Note: If you are licensed for sales tax under this same number, the location address must be the same one used for the sales tax permit (cannot be a PO Box number). If this is a name change only, and the ownership or FEIN number has not changed, indicate “Name change only.” If this is: an ownership transfer or change; a change in legal form; or your Federal ID number has changed – the new owner, partnership, LLC, or corporation must complete and return a Nebraska Tax Application, Form 20. The former owner, partnership, LLC, or corporation must cancel all permits, licenses, and certificates by filing Nebraska Change Request, Form 22. Penalty and Interest. There are penalties and interest for failing to timely remit income tax withheld. The penalty is 5% per month or fraction of a month the return is late, up to 25%, of the tax due amount. A $25 penalty can also be levied for failing to timely file Form 941N. Interest is calculated from the due date to the date the payment is received. Refer to Revenue Ruling 99‑20-2 and Regulation 21-016 for applicable interest rates and additional information. Monthly Deposits, Form 501N. If the Nebraska income tax withheld is more than $500 for the first or second month in a quarter, you must make a monthly deposit. If you make the payment electronically, do not file Form 501N. If a monthly deposit is required for the first month of a calendar quarter, a deposit for the second month is also required, even if the amount of income tax withheld is not more than $500. Line 1. Enter the amount of wages paid this quarter. If a prior period's wages were reported incorrectly, it is not necessary to file an amended Form 941N. Refer to the Form W-3N instructions to report wages paid during the entire tax year. See line 3 instructions if the income tax withholding was reported incorrectly. Line 2. Enter the total amount of income tax withheld for Nebraska during the tax period. Line 3. Adjustment of Income Tax Withheld (Quarterly Filers). Use line 3 to correct errors in income tax withheld from payments paid in earlier quarters of the same calendar year. When paper filing, explain by attaching a statement that shows: 1. What the error was; 2. The quarter in which the error was made; 3. The amount of the error for each quarter; 4. The quarter when you found the error; and 5. How you and your payees have settled any overcollection or undercollection. If you are adjusting income tax withholding for a qualified military spouse, see revenue.nebraska.gov. Under “For Businesses,” click on “Income Tax Withholding.” From this page, click on “Nebraska Income Tax for U.S. Servicemembers, Their Spouses, and Civilians Working with U.S. Forces.” Do not use line 3 to adjust income tax withholding for earlier years. If you have requested that an overpayment from a previous year’s Form W-3N be transferred to this year, do not use the resulting credit until it appears on the previous balance line of Form 941N. Line 5. This credit is only available to taxpayers under the Nebraska Advantage Act or the Invest Nebraska Act who have completed their qualification audit and have earned compensation or wage benefit credits and taxpayers under the ImagiNE Nebraska Act who have previously filed a an ImagiNE Nebraska Act Incentive Computation, Form 1107N showing that they have achieved levels and earned compensation credits. The amount of credits used against income tax withholding cannot exceed the lesser of income tax withholding attributable to new employees at the qualified project or qualified location, or the amount of credit reported on the taxpayer’s income tax return and carried forward into the quarter. Attach the Incentive Withholding Worksheet. When e-filing, this credit is shown on line 4 of Form 941N. DOR will not allow this credit to offset an income tax liability until a 0.5% administrative fee is paid on the amount of credit used. The fee is computed on an ImagiNE Nebraska Act Payment of Fees for Incentive Credit Use, Form 1107F. The Form 1107F must be filed with DOR and the fee is to be paid separately from the Form 941N. Line 12. A balance due or credit resulting from a partial payment, math or clerical errors, penalty, or interest on prior returns may be entered in this space by DOR. The interest shown includes interest on the unpaid income tax withholding calculated through the due date of this return. If the amount owed is paid before the due date, interest will be recomputed and credit will be given on your next return. If the amount entered by DOR has been satisfied by a prior payment, it should be disregarded when calculating line 13. Contact DOR if you have questions regarding a credit or balance due. When e-filing, a previous balance is shown on line 6 of Form 941N.
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Form 941N is a Nebraska Other form. Like the Federal Form 1040, states each provide a core tax return form on which most high-level income and tax calculations are performed. While some taxpayers with simple returns can complete their entire tax return on this single form, in most cases various other additional schedules and forms must be completed, depending on the taxpayer's individual situation, to create a complete income tax return package.

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