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Colorado Free Printable  for 2022 Colorado Child Care Contribution - Unlicensed Organization

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Child Care Contribution - Unlicensed Organization
Form DR 1318

*211318==19999* DR 1318 (08/05/21) COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE Tax.Colorado.gov Page 1 of 2 Unlicensed Child Care Organization Registration Application Organization Name FEIN Colorado Account Number, if applicable Indicate Type of Organization Individual General Partnership Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP) Corporation Estate Government Limited Partnership S Corporation Joint Venture Non-Profit 501(C)(3) (Please enclose a copy of the IRS letter of exemption) Limited Liability Company (LLC) Association Trust Other Non-Profit Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Other, please explain below Trade Name/Doing Business As, if applicable Address of Principal Place of Business in Colorado City County Phone Number In Care of (C/O) - Last Name State First Name ZIP Middle Name Mailing Address (if different from above) City State ZIP Check One Register an unlicensed child care program that serves at least 5 children age 12 and younger who are not related to the owner, operator, or manager Register a training program for child care providers Register a grant or loan program for parents in Colorado requiring financial assistance for child care Register an information dissemination program in Colorado to provide information and referral services to assist parents in obtaining child care Check All That Apply Programs serves: Does your facility and/or programs operate: Children 12 years of age and younger Before school Children 13 to 18 years of age During school Adults 18 years of age and older After school *211318==29999* DR 1318 (08/05/21) COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE Tax.Colorado.gov Page 2 of 2 Organization Name FEIN Colorado Account Number, if applicable Provide a description of your organization, including its stated purpose or mission Provide a description of each of the programs offered by your organization Explain why donations to this organization qualify for the child care contribution credit (see instructions) Do all of your programs qualify for the credit? If yes, skip the next three questions and continue with the next question thereafter. If no, answer the next three questions. Yes No Yes No If no, specify which programs do qualify Will your organization maintain a segregated account for funds dedicated exclusively to qualifying programs Rule 39-22-121(10)(c)? If no, and your organization must therefore issue credit certificates reflecting prorated credits, list the percentage of your programs that qualify and state how that percentage was determined (Rule 39-22-121(10)(b)). Attach with this application an explanation of how the percentage was determined. Percentage of programs that qualify: % Why is a Department of Human Services license not required (12 CCR 2509-8, 7.701.11)? Attach copies of brochures, newspaper articles, community publications and other documentation to support the information above. I attest that the qualified program(s) provide for the care of five or more children who are not related to the owner, operator, or manager. I attest that my organization is not a licensed child care facility and does not engage in programs that provide services identical or similar to day treatment centers, guest child care facilities, family child care homes, foster care homes, homeless youth shelters, medical foster care, residential care facilities, secure residential treatment centers, specialized group facilities, or therapeutic foster care. I declare under the penalty of perjury in the second degree that the statements made in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge Name of Organization Officer Signature of Organization Officer Title Date
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This form is the Unlicensed Child Care Organization Registration Application.

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