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Amended Return
Form DR 0112X

*DO=NOT=SEND* DR 0112X (07/20/16) COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE Instructions The 2016 Form 112X, Amended C Corporation Income Tax Return, is used to correct your 2016 Corporation income tax return. File the return for free using Revenue Online. You can file on paper if you cannot file electronically, but please note that filing on paper can increase return problems and delay refunds. For more information or any questions pertaining to income, deductions, modifications, credits, etc., refer to the income tax book for 2016 or call the Department of Revenue at 303-238-SERV (7378).You can also obtain forms, information and the FYIs referenced herein online at Attachments: Attach all required schedules and supporting certifications to this amended return even if there is no change from the original return. (For example: Schedule SF, Form 112CR, DR 0074, etc.) Failure to attach this documentation will result in the disallowance of credits, subtractions or reduced apportioned income. Lines 35 through 41 compute the amount you owe to the state on the amended return. Any decrease in the amount of the overpayment (line 35) or increase in the amount owed (line 36) will indicate that an amount is owed with the amended return. See FYI General 11 for assistance in computing the amount of interest to enter on line 38. If you have previously been assessed a delinquency penalty or estimated tax penalty and this amended return causes the amount of penalty to change, enter the increased penalties on lines 39 and/or 40. Lines 42 through 46 compute your refund of credit available on the amended return. Any increase in the amount of the overpayment (line 42) or decrease in the amount owed (line 43) will indicate that an overpayment is available with the amended return. The overpayment can be credited to estimated tax (line 45) for the tax year following the period on the amended return, or can be requested as a refund (line 46). Statute of Limitations. The statute of limitations for filing a Colorado claim for refund is generally four years from the original due date of the return or three years from the date of the last payment of tax or the year involved, whichever is later. In the case of an investment credit or capital loss carryback, the claim must be filed within four years of the due date of the return for the year during which the credit or loss arose. See FYI General 18. Colorado net operating losses may not be carried back to an earlier year. They may be carried forward for 15 years from tax years beginning before August 6, 1997, and 20 years from tax years beginning on or after August 6, 1997. Protective Claims. If this amended return is being filed to keep the statute of limitations open pending the outcome of a court case or tax determination in another state that affects your Colorado return, check the protective claim box under reason for filing corrected return. Payment Taxpayers can now visit to pay online. Online payments reduce errors and provide instant payment confirmation. Revenue Online also allows users to submit various forms and to monitor their tax account. Please be advised that a nominal processing fee may apply to electronic payments. If you are unable to remit electronically, make your check payable to the Colorado Department of Revenue. If you are not submitting your return electronically, please use form DR 0900C to remit your payment. Otherwise, your account might not be properly credited. New for This Year: If you are filing this return WITH a check or payment, please mail the return to: COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE Denver, CO 80261-0006 If you are filing this return WITHOUT a check or payment, please mail the return to: COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE Denver, CO 80261-0005 Manage your account. File and pay online. Get started with Revenue Online today! Departmental Use Only DR 0112X (07/20/16) COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE (0025) *160112X=19999* 2016 Fiscal Year Beginning (MM/DD/16) Form 112X Amended C Corporation Income Tax Return Ending (MM/DD/YY) Reason for amended return (mark one) From tax year ending (YYYY) Investment tax credit carryback Federal Revenue Agent Report From tax year ending (YYYY) Federal net operating loss carryback Protective claim, attach explanation Other, attach explanation Note: Colorado net operating losses may not be carried back to an earlier tax year. Name of Corporation Colorado Account Number Address FEIN City State Final Return Zip If you are attaching a statement disclosing a listed or reportable transaction, check this box A. Apportionment of Income. This return is being filed for: (42) A corporation not apportioning income; (45) A corporation electing to pay a tax on its gross Colorado sales; (43) A corporation engaged in interstate business apportioning income using single factor apportionment (Attach Schedule SF); (46) A corporation claiming an exemption under P.L. 86-272; (44) A corporation engaged in interstate business apportioning income under special regulation; (47) Alternate apportionment method (fill in below) Requires prior approval by the department B. Separate/Consolidate/Combined Filing. This return is being filed by: A single corporation filing a separate return; An affiliated group of corporations electing to file a consolidated return (Warning: such election is binding for four years). If your election was made in a prior year, enter the year of election in the box to the right. (Attach Schedule C); Enter the year of election here (YYYY): An affiliated group of corporations required to file a combined return (Attach Schedule C); An affiliated group of corporations required to file a combined return that includes another affiliated, consolidated group (Attach Schedule C). *160112X=29999* DR 0112X (07/20/16) COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE Name Account Number Federal Taxable Income As Amended 1. Federal taxable income from Form 1120 1 00 2. Federal taxable income of companies not included in this return 2 00 3 00 4. Federal net operating loss deduction 4 00 5. Colorado income tax deduction 5 00 6. Other additions, submit explanation 6 00 7. Total of lines 3 through 6 Subtractions 7 00 8. Exempt federal interest 8 00 9. Excludable foreign source income 10. Colorado source capital gain (assets acquired on or after 5/9/1994, held five years) 9 00 10 00 11. Colorado Marijuana Business Deduction 11 00 12. Other subtractions, submit explanation 12 00 13. Total of lines 8 through 12 Taxable Income 13 00 14. Modified federal taxable income, line 7 minus line 13 14 00 15. Colorado taxable income before net operating loss deduction 15 00 16. Colorado net operating loss deduction 16 00 17 00 18 00 19 00 20 00 21 00 22 00 23 00 3. Net federal taxable income, line 1 minus line 2 Additions 17. Colorado taxable income, line 15 minus line 16 18. Tax, 4.63% of the amount of line 17 Credits 19. Total nonrefundable credits from line 28, Form 112CR (may not exceed tax on line 18) 20. Non-refundable Enterprise Zone credits used – as calculated, or from DR 1366 line 87 21. Net tax, line 18 minus lines 19 and 20 22. Recapture of prior year credits 23. Total of lines 21 and 22 *160112X=39999* DR 0112X (07/20/16) COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE Name Account Number 24. Estimated tax and extension payments and credits 24 00 25. W-2G Withholding from lottery winnings 25 00 26. Gross Conservation Easement Credit from DR 1305G line 33 26 00 27. Innovative Motor Vehicle credit from form DR 0617 28. Business Personal Property Credit: Use the worksheet in the DR 112 book instructions to calculate, submit copy of assessor’s statement 27 00 28 00 29. Renewable Energy Tax Credit from line 88 of form DR 1366 29 00 30. Total of lines 24 through 29 30 00 If you want the Department of Revenue to compute and mail your refund, or compute your balance due and mail a bill, stop here and leave lines 31 through 46 blank. If you want to compute the refund or balance due yourself, continue with line 31 31. If line 30 is larger than line 23, enter your overpayment 31 00 32. Enter the overpayment from your original return or as previously adjusted 32 00 33. If line 23 is larger than line 30, enter the amount owed 33 00 34. Enter the amount owed from your original return or as previously adjusted Compute the Amount You Owe 34 00 35. Line 32 minus line 31, but not less than zero 35 00 36. Line 33 minus line 34, but not less than zero 36 00 37. Additional tax due, total of lines 35 and 36 37 00 38. Interest due on additional tax 38 00 39. Penalty due 39 00 40. Estimated tax penalty due 40 00 41. Payment due with this return, add lines 37 through 40 Paid by EFT 41 00 *160112X=49999* DR 0112X (07/20/16) COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE Name Account Number The State may convert your check to a one time electronic banking transaction. Your bank account may be debited as early as the same day received by the State. If converted, your check will not be returned. If your check is rejected due to insufficient or uncollected funds, the Department of Revenue may collect the payment amount directly from your bank account electronically. Compute Your Refund 42. Line 31 minus line 32, but not less than zero 42 00 43. Line 34 minus line 33, but not less than zero 43 00 44. Overpayment, total of lines 42 and 43 44 00 45. Amount you want credited to 2017 estimated tax 45 00 46. Refund claimed with this return, line 44 minus line 45 46 File using Revenue Online and enter Direct Deposit information to get your refund in half the time! Direct Deposit Type: Routing Number Checking 00 Savings Account Number Pay electronically at or make checks payable to: Colorado Department of Revenue If you are filing this return WITH a check or payment, please mail the return to: Colorado Department of Revenue Denver, CO 80261-0006 If you are filing this return WITHOUT a check or payment, please mail the return to: Colorado Department of Revenue Denver, CO 80261-0005 Under penalties of perjury in the second degree, I declare that I have examined this return and to the best of my knowledge is true, correct and complete. Declaration of preparer (other than taxpayer) is based on all information of which preparer has any knowledge. Signature of Officer Title of Officer Paid Preparer’s Last Name Date (MM/DD/YY) Paid Preparer’s First Name Middle Initial Paid Preparer’s Address Paid Preparer’s Address City State Zip Paid Preparer’s Phone ( )
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We last updated the Amended Return in May 2017, so this is the latest version of Form DR 0112X, fully updated for tax year 2016. You can download or print current or past-year PDFs of Form DR 0112X directly from TaxFormFinder. You can print other Colorado tax forms here.

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Colorado usually releases forms for the current tax year between January and April. We last updated Colorado Form DR 0112X from the Department of Revenue in May 2017.

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About the Corporate Income Tax

The IRS and most states require corporations to file an income tax return, with the exact filing requirements depending on the type of company.

Sole proprietorships or disregarded entities like LLCs are filed on Schedule C (or the state equivalent) of the owner's personal income tax return, flow-through entities like S Corporations or Partnerships are generally required to file an informational return equivilent to the IRS Form 1120S or Form 1065, and full corporations must file the equivalent of federal Form 1120 (and, unlike flow-through corporations, are often subject to a corporate tax liability).

Additional forms are available for a wide variety of specific entities and transactions including fiduciaries, nonprofits, and companies involved in other specific types of business.

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