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Montana Free Printable  for 2024 Montana Montana Medical Marijuana Card Application Instructions

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Montana Medical Marijuana Card Application Instructions
Medical Marijuana Instructions

Applying for a New Medical Marijuana Card (Adult Application) December 2021 Overview Step 1: Access the TransAction Portal (TAP) Step 2: Click "Apply for a New Card" on the more options screen. Step 3: Select Application Type Step 4: Provide Your Cardholder Information Step 5: Provide Your Address Information Step 6: Designate Purchasers Step 7: Provide Your Physician Information Step 8: Select Your Debilitating Conditions Step 9: Answer the Cultivation Questions Step 10: Read and Acknowledge the Divert Statement Step 11: Provide Required Documents as Attachments Step 12: Review Fees Step 13: Provide Payment Information Step 14: Affirm and Sign Step 15: Confirmation Screen and Records Step 1: Access the TransAction Portal 1. Access the TransAction Portal (TAP) at https://tap.dor.mt.gov 2. Scroll down to the Cannabis Control card and click on “Apply for or Manage a Medical Marijuana Card.” Step 2: Apply for a New Card You will now be on a second navigation screen with more options. 1. Scroll to the Medical Marijuana Registry card and click “Apply for a New Medical Marijuana Card.” Step 3: Application Type You should now be on the Application Type Screen. 1. Select the type of card you are applying for. Your options are: • Adult Application - For cardholders 18 or older • Minor Application - For cardholders under 18 2. Click the “Next” button to continue to Cardholder Information. Please Note: This guide will walk you through the application process for an adult application. Applying for a cardholder on behalf of a minor may include additional steps and require additional documents not shown in this guide. Step 4: Cardholder Information You should now be on the Cardholder Information Screen. 1. Complete every required field as marked with a red asterisk (*): • First and Last Name • Date of Birth • Social Secuirty Number (Entered Twice) • Email Address (Entered Twice) • Phone Number 2. Click the “Next” button to continue to Address Information. Step 5: Address Information You should now be on the Address Screen. 1. Fill out your complete physical address information. 2. If your mailing address is different than your physical address, answer “No.” This will provide you with a form to enter your mailing address. Both mailing and physical address are required. 3. Click “Next” to continue to Designated Purchasers. Please be sure to mark this question “No” if your mailing address is different than your physical address. Step 6: Designated Purchasers You should now be on the Designated Purchaser(s) Screen With a new medical marijuana card or a renewal card, the cardholder may designate up to two other individuals to acquire and deliver medical marijuana to the cardholder. All designated purchasers must be 21 years of age or older. 1. Complete the required fields shown on the screen for each purchaser. 2. Click the “Next” button to continue to Physician Information. Step 7: Physician Information You should now be on the Physician Information Screen 1. Complete all of the required fields on this screen. 2. Click the “Next” button to continue to Debilitating Conditions. If you have a petition from your doctor for a monthly increase, you will mark “Yes.” You will attach the required documents later in this application. Step 8: Debilitating Conditions You should now be on the Debilitating Conditions Screen 1. Mark each condition referenced in the statement provided by your physician. 2. Click the “Next” button to continue to Cultivation Questions. Step 9: Cultivation Questions You should now be on the Cultivation Questions Screen Here, you will indicate if you are cultivating your own marijuana. If you are cultivating your own marijuana, you will need to indicate if you own the location where you intend to cultivate or manufacture marijuana products. If you do not own the location, you will need the property owner to fill out a permission form as it will be a required attachment. 1. Answer each of the questions “Yes” or “No.” 2. Click the “Next” button to continue to Divert Statement. In our example, we are not intending to cultivate our own marijuana. Therefore, no additional questions need to be completed in this section. Step 10: Divert Statement You should now be on the Divert Statement Screen The statement on this screen reads: “I will not divert to any other person the marijuana that I cultivate, manufacture, or obtain through the system of licensed providers for my debilitating medical conditions.” 1. Carefully read the statement on the screen and mark if you agree with the statement. If you do not agree with this statement, you will not be able to complete your application. 2. Click the “Next” button to continue to Attachments. Step 11: Attachments You should now be on the Attachments Screen. You must upload all required attachments at this time. All applicants must attach: • A photo of the applicant • Your Physicians Statement • Documentation of Montana Residency You may also need to attach additional documents. To see a list of potential required documents, please visit our website http://mtrevenue.gov/cannabis/ cardholder-information/ Once you have attached all of the required documents, click the “Next” button to continue to Fees. Step 12: Review Fees You should now be on the Fees Screen 1. Complete all of the required fields on this page. 2. Click the “Next” button to continue. If you answered “Yes” to “Would you like to submit an e-Check payment with your application?”, you will be taken to Payments otherwise, you will be taken to the Affirmation and Signature. If you choose not to make a payment at this time, you may make a payment at a later date electronically, by mail, or in-person. All cardholder applications require the full application fee before the application is reviewed. The application fee is non-refundable regardless if the application is confirmed or denied. Step 13: Payment You should now be on the Payment Screen. If you are not making a payment with your application, continue to the next step. 1. Complete all of the required fields on this page. 2. Click the “Next” button to continue to Affirmation and Signature. Step 14: Affirm and Sign You should now be on the Affirmation and Signature Screen. 1. Carefully read the affirmation statement. 2. Check the box next to “By checking this box, I agree to the above statement, ” to indicate you understand and agree to the statement. 3. Type your full name into the “Full Name” field. 4. Click the “Submit” button to submit your application. You will be prompted to complete a reCaptcha and confirm your submission. Step 15: Confirmation Screen You should now be on the Confirmation Screen. This screen will provide you with: • Proof your application was submitted • Your Confirmation Number • The email address used to submit your application • Your Retrieval Code • An additional opportunity to make an online payment We highly recommend you print a copy of this confirmation for your records using the “Print Temporary Card” button. This will provide a printable view. If you have difficulties or questions regarding the application process, please contact the Cannabis Control Division at (406) 444-0596.
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