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Indiana Free Printable  for 2023 Indiana Indiana's Earned Income Credit

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Indiana's Earned Income Credit

Schedule IN-EIC Form IT-40/IT-40PNR State Form 49469 (R22 / 9-22) Schedule IN-EIC: Indiana’s Earned Income Credit You must enclose if claiming this credit on Forms IT-40 or IT-40PNR. Name(s) shown on Form IT-40/IT-40PNR 2022 Enclosure Sequence No. 9 Your Social Security Number Section A: Figure Your Indiana Earned Income Credit A-1 Enter the earned income credit from your federal income tax return ________________________ A-1 .00 A-2 Enter your earned income (see instructions) __________________________________________ A-2 .00 A-3 Enter your Indiana earned income credit (see instructions). Carry this total to Form IT-40, Schedule 5, line 5, or Form IT-40PNR, Schedule F, line 5, Box A__________________ Indiana Earned Income Credit_ A-3 .00 Section B: Complete if you claimed one or more children on your federal Schedule EIC. See instructions. Enter each child’s information Child 1 First name Last name Child 2 First name Last name Child’s Social Security Number(s) Enter letter (e.g., A, B, C, etc.) in boxes below that describes each child’s relationship, age and location to you. B-1 Relationship: A Your Child B Grandchild C Stepchild D Foster Child (not related) E Other (related foster child, or other related child - see instructions) Child 1 Child 2 B-2 Age: A Under age 18 B Age 18 C Age 19 - 24 and full-time student D Age 19 or older and totally disabled B-3 Location: A Child lived with you at least ½ of the year B Child was born or died in 2022, and lived with you while alive in 2022. Important: You must complete and attach this schedule to your Form IT-40 or IT-40PNR when claiming the earned income credit. *17222111694* 17222111694 Instructions for Schedule IN-EIC Here are some important things to know when figuring this credit: • • • • • You must be eligible for and have claimed an EIC on your federal tax return. If not, STOP. You are not eligible to claim Indiana’s EIC. Your income on Form IT-40, line 1 (or Indiana’s Schedule A, line 36A), must be less than $49,399. If it is the same amount or more, STOP. You are not eligible to claim Indiana’s EIC. You must complete Worksheet A or Worksheet B. See the IT-40 or IT-40PNR instruction booklets for further details. Schedule IN-EIC must be completed and enclosed by all filers claiming the EIC. Indiana’s Publication EIC is available for additional information. It may be viewed online at www.in.gov/dor/tax-forms/2022individual-income-tax-forms/. Caution: You must know what your federal earned income credit is before you can figure your Indiana EIC. If you don’t know what your federal EIC is by Indiana’s filing due date, go ahead and file your Indiana return without claiming the EIC. Then, when you find out what your federal EIC is, file an amended (corrected) Indiana tax return to claim your Indiana EIC. Line A-2. Enter your earned income from Worksheet A, Part 1, line 1, or from Worksheet B, Part 4, line 4b. Line A-3. Enter your earned income credit from Worksheet A, Part 3, line 11, or from Worksheet B, Part 7, line 16. Section B – Qualifying Child (Children) You must complete Section B if you are claiming one or two children when figuring Indiana’s EIC. First, complete Step 3 of the EIC instructions. There you’ll find the descriptions of who is a qualifying child for Indiana EIC purposes. Social Security Number. Your qualifying child must have a valid Social Security number (SSN) unless the child was born and died in 2022.* Important: Enter information for the same child (or children) you entered on your federal Schedule EIC wherever possible. Example. Marie has four children, three of whom she claimed for federal EIC purposes. All three children meet the requirements to be a qualified child within Indiana. Since Marie may claim up to two qualified children on this schedule, she should list two of the three she claimed for federal EIC purposes. Example. Tim and Jane claimed their daughter and a foster child (who lived with them for six months) as qualifying children for federal EIC purposes. Since their foster child did not live with them the entire year, the child is not a qualifying child for Indiana EIC purposes. They may only claim their daughter as a qualifying child in Section B. If, during 2022: • you were an Indiana resident, and/or • had income from Indiana sources, and • you claimed the EIC on your federal income tax return, Form 1040, then you may be eligible to claim Indiana’s EIC. STOP. You must get the 2022 IT-40 or IT-40PNR instruction booklet before you can continue. The instructions for how to figure Indiana’s EIC are located within those booklets. You may find these booklets online www.in.gov/dor/tax-forms/2022-individual-income-tax-forms/. Once you get the instructions, review Step 1 through Step 7, and complete either Worksheet A or Worksheet B to figure your Indiana EIC. After you have completed the worksheet, return to these instructions and finish Schedule IN-EIC. Caution: Schedule IN-EIC must be filed with your tax return in order for you to be eligible to claim Indiana’s EIC. Section A – Figure Your Indiana Earned Income Credit Line A-1. Enter the amount of earned income credit from your federal income tax return. In Section B-1, the ‘Foster Child (not related)’ box (line D) is an unrelated child who was placed with you by an authorized placement agency and lived with you the entire year. In Section B-1, the ‘Other’ box (line F) includes a related foster child who lived with you the entire year, or your brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister, or a descendant of your brother and/or sister, etc. (for example, your niece or nephew), whom you cared for as your own child. *Exception. If your qualified dependent child was born and died in 2022 and you do not have a SSN for the child, enter the word “Died” in the third (largest) Social Security Number box associated with your child’s name. You must keep a copy of the child’s birth certificate, death certificate and/or hospital records with your records as the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) may request this information at a later date. The documents must show the child was born alive. Exception Example *24100000000* 24100000000 Died
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More about the Indiana Form IN-EIC Individual Income Tax Tax Credit TY 2022

If you are eligible for the Federal earned income tax credit (EITC), you can use form IN-EIC to obtain the Indiana Earned Income Credit.

We last updated the Indiana's Earned Income Credit in February 2023, so this is the latest version of Form IN-EIC, fully updated for tax year 2022. You can download or print current or past-year PDFs of Form IN-EIC directly from TaxFormFinder. You can print other Indiana tax forms here.

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Indiana usually releases forms for the current tax year between January and April. We last updated Indiana Form IN-EIC from the Department of Revenue in February 2023.

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Form IN-EIC is an Indiana Individual Income Tax form. States often have dozens of even hundreds of various tax credits, which, unlike deductions, provide a dollar-for-dollar reduction of tax liability. Some common tax credits apply to many taxpayers, while others only apply to extremely specific situations. In most cases, you will have to provide evidence to show that you are eligible for the tax credit, and calculate the amount of the credit to which you are entitled.

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The IRS and most states collect a personal income tax, which is paid throughout the year via tax withholding or estimated income tax payments.

Most taxpayers are required to file a yearly income tax return in April to both the Internal Revenue Service and their state's revenue department, which will result in either a tax refund of excess withheld income or a tax payment if the withholding does not cover the taxpayer's entire liability. Every taxpayer's situation is different - please consult a CPA or licensed tax preparer to ensure that you are filing the correct tax forms!

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