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Florida Free Printable  for 2018 Florida Quarterly Report for Out-of-State Wages

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Quarterly Report for Out-of-State Wages
Form RT-6NF

Employer’s Quarterly Report for Out-of-State Taxable Wages QUARTER ENDING / Rule 73B-10.037 Florida Administrative Code Effective Date 07/16 RT ACCOUNT NUMBER EMPLOYER’S NAME / F.E.I. NUMBER - 10. EMPLOYEE’S SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER 12a. EMPLOYEE’S FLORIDA GROSS WAGES PAID THIS QUARTER 12b. EMPLOYEE’S FLORIDA TAXABLE WAGES PAID THIS QUARTER 11. EMPLOYEE’S NAME (please print first twelve characters of last name and first eight characters of first name in boxes) Social Security Number - - Social Security Number 12a. - - Middle Initial Last Name First Name Social Security Number Social Security Number - - Social Security Number - - 12b. 12c. 12b. 12c. 12a. - - Middle Initial Last Name First Name 12c. 12a. Middle Initial Last Name First Name 12b. 12a. Middle Initial Last Name First Name 12c. EMPLOYEE’S OUT-OF-STATE TAXABLE WAGES PAID YEAR-TO-DATE Only the first $7,000 paid to each employee per calendar year is taxable. Last Name First Name RT-6NF R. 07/16 TC 12b. 12c. 12a. Middle Initial 12b. 13a. Total Gross Wages (add Lines 12a only). Total this page only. Include this and totals from additional pages in Line 2 on page 1 of the RT-6. 13a. 13b. Total Taxable Wages (add Lines 12b only). Total this page only. Include this and totals from additional pages in Line 4 on page 1 of the RT-6. 13b. 12c. 13c. Total Out-of-State Taxable Wages paid year-to-date (add Lines 12c only). Total this page only. Instructions for Employer’s Quarterly Report for Out-of-State Taxable Wages This form is used by employers to report employees who first received out-of-state taxable wages who worked and received wages from the same employer in Florida during the reporting quarter. This form must be submitted with the completed first page (containing items 1-9) of your Employer’s Quarterly Report (RT-6, formerly UCT-6). Also, if an employee customarily performs services on a continuing basis in more than one state, this form should not be used. Instead, you should contact the Department’s Account Management process at 850-717-6628 to request a reciprocal coverage agreement. Line 10 – Enter each employee’s social security number (NINE digits – Do not suppress the leading zeros). Every employee, regardless of age, is required to have a social security number (SSN). If the employee’s SSN is not included, no credit will be given for previously reported taxable wages, and the first (up to) $7,000 of wages on this quarterly report will be taxed at your reemployment tax rate. Note: Florida law decreased the taxable wage base from $8,000 to $7,000 beginning with the January 1 through March 31, 2015 quarter. The taxable wage base is $8,000 for quarters ending between January 1, 2012 and January 1, 2015, and $7,000 for quarters ending before January 1, 2012. Line 11 – Enter each employee’s last name, first name, and middle initial. Line 12a – Enter each employee’s Florida gross wages paid for the quarter as defined in Line 2 of the RT-6 Instructions (RT-6N, formerly UCT-6N). Gross wages should not include wage items specifically exempt per section (s.) 443.1217(2)(b)-(g), Florida Statutes (F.S.). (If no Florida gross wages were paid, but out-of-state wages were, DO NOT include the employee.) Line 12b – Enter each employee’s Florida taxable wages paid for the quarter. Line 12c – Enter each employee’s out-of-state taxable wages paid year-to-date including current reporting quarter, if applicable. Line 12c must include 100% of out-of-state taxable wages, including this quarter, paid for the calendar year. Line 13a – Enter the total Florida gross wages for this page. All wages from this page and any attached pages must be included in Line 2 on the front of the RT-6. Line 13b – Enter the total Florida taxable wages for this page. All wages from this page and any attached pages must be included in Line 4 on the front of the RT-6. Line 13c – Enter the total out-of-state taxable wages paid year-to-date for this page. Social security numbers are used by the Florida Department of Revenue as unique identifiers for the administration of Florida’s taxes. SSNs obtained for tax administration purposes are confidential under sections 213.053 and 119.071, Florida Statutes, and not subject to disclosure as public records. Collection of your SSN is authorized under state and federal law. Visit our website at www.floridarevenue.com and select “Privacy Notice” for more information regarding the state and federal law governing the collection, use, or release of SSNs, including authorized exceptions. Internet Address: www.floridarevenue.com Call 850-488-6800 for assistance.
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We last updated the Quarterly Report for Out-of-State Wages in February 2018, so this is the latest version of Form RT-6NF, fully updated for tax year 2017. You can download or print current or past-year PDFs of Form RT-6NF directly from TaxFormFinder. You can print other Florida tax forms here.

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Florida usually releases forms for the current tax year between January and April. We last updated Florida Form RT-6NF from the Department of Revenue in February 2018.

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The IRS and most states require corporations to file an income tax return, with the exact filing requirements depending on the type of company.

Sole proprietorships or disregarded entities like LLCs are filed on Schedule C (or the state equivalent) of the owner's personal income tax return, flow-through entities like S Corporations or Partnerships are generally required to file an informational return equivilent to the IRS Form 1120S or Form 1065, and full corporations must file the equivalent of federal Form 1120 (and, unlike flow-through corporations, are often subject to a corporate tax liability).

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