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Federal Free Printable Form 6729-P (Rev. 10-2021) for 2023 Federal Partner Return Review Sheet

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Partner Return Review Sheet
Form 6729-P (Rev. 10-2021)

Form 6729-P (October 2021) Department of the Treasury - Internal Revenue Service Date of review Partner Return Review Sheet Site name SIDN Reviewer's name Instructions: Use this form to assess the accuracy of returns prepared at your site. A return is accurate when tax law is applied correctly and the return is free from error based on the taxpayer interview, the supporting documentation and the completed Form 13614-C, Intake/Interview & Quality Review Sheet. A detailed comment must be entered for all underlined answer options. Ensure Form 13614-C is complete before beginning your review. Quality Comments 1 Was Form 13614-C, Intake/Interview & Quality Review Sheet, completed and corrected, if necessary? Yes No 2 What is the certification level needed for this return? Basic Advanced Military Specialty 3 Were both the tax preparer and quality reviewer certified at the level required to prepare and review this return? Yes - Both were certified at the level needed No - Preparer was not certified at the level needed No - Quality reviewer was not certified at the level needed No - Neither were certified at the level needed No - Other Label Yes No N/A Comments 4 Are all names on the return correct? 5 Is the taxpayer’s address on the return correct? 6 Are all SSN/ITINs on the return correct? Filing Status 7 What is the filing status on the return? Single MFJ MFS 8 Is the filing status on the return correct? Yes - Filing status correct Comments HOH QW Other No - Should be Single No - Should be MFJ No - Should be MFS No - Should be HOH No - Should be QW No - Other Dependents Yes No N/A Comments Yes No N/A Comments 9 Is the taxpayer (and/or spouse, if applicable) identified correctly as a dependent of someone else? 10 Are dependents identified correctly? Income 11 In 2021, did the taxpayer or spouse receive, sell, send, exchange, or otherwise acquire any financial interest in any virtual currency? 12 Are wages, salaries, tips (Form 1040, line 1) correct? 13 Are interest and dividends (Form 1040, lines 2b and 3b) correct? 14 Are IRA, pension and annuity income (Form 1040, lines 4b and 5b) correct? 15 Is income from Social Security benefits (Form 1040, line 6b) correct? 16 Are capital gains or losses (Form 1040, line 7) correct? 17 Is net business income (Schedule 1, line 3) correct? 18 Is all additional income on Schedule 1 correct? Catalog Number 66911A www.irs.gov Form 6729-P (Rev. 10-2021) Adjustments Yes No N/A Comments Yes No N/A Comments Yes No N/A Comments Yes No N/A Comments 19 Are adjustments to income (Schedule 1, line 26) correct? Tax and Credits 20 Is the standard deduction (Form 1040, line 12a) correct? 21 Are itemized deductions (Schedule A) correct? 22 Is the Qualified Business Income Deduction (Form 1040, line 13) correct? 23 Is the tax (Form 1040, line 16) correct? 24 Is the Nonrefundable Child Tax Credit (CTC) and Credit for Other Dependents (From 1040, line 19) correct? 25 Are nonrefundable credits (Schedule 3, line 7) correct? 26 Are all other taxes (Schedule 2, line 21) correct? Payments 27 Is federal income tax withheld (Form 1040, line 25d) correct? 28 Are refundable credits (Form 1040, line 32) correct? 29 Are other payments (Schedule 3, line 14) correct? 30 Are the bank routing number, account number, and account type (Form 1040, lines 35b and 35d) correct? (Direct deposit or bank draft) Accuracy of Return 31 Based on the information provided, was an accurate return prepared? A No answer for any question means the return is considered inaccurate. Remarks Catalog Number 66911A www.irs.gov Form 6729-P (Rev. 10-2021)
Extracted from PDF file 2021-federal-form-6729-p.pdf, last modified September 2021

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